7 green nail polish colors you have to get for yourself

dark green nail polish colors

We're obsessed with green nail polish colors, and luckily, we have more than enough to go around.

From emerald green to neon green, we love using different shades of green to create color gradients, retro nail art, ombre effects, and more.

But what are some of our absolute favorite shades of green nail polish? Let’s take a look at 7 now.

1. Pear-Fect + Out Of Monet

green nail polish pear-fect

📷Photo by @stinasculpts

💅View The Polishes: Pear-Fect + Out Of Monet

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2. Tea-quila Lime

Tea-quila green nail polish

💅View The Polish: Teq-quila Lime

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3. Tropic Like It’s Hot

Tropic It Like It's Hot green nail polish

📷Photo by @nailsbymelanie1

💅View The Polish: Tropic Like It’s Hot

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4. Vegas Strip

Vegas Strip green nail polish

📷Photo by @chaunlegend

💅View The Polishes: Vegas Strip

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5. Pretty Fly

Pretty Fly green nail polish

📷Photo by @victoriaoliviaxo

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6. High Mintenance

High Mintenance green nail polish

📷Photo by @livitran_

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7. Matcha Latte

Matcha Latte Green Nail Polish

📷Photo by @beglamorousnails

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