20 rainbow nails to put on repeat

rainbow nails

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but all rainbow nails are not created equal. 

With all those colors floating around on such a tiny canvas, it’s only a matter of time before that rainbow turns into a brown paper bag. It’s true.

This being said, we’ve managed to find 20 examples of rainbow nails that don’t look like a dirty puddle of water. Instead, they look like the beautiful, colorful masterpieces they were always meant to be. 

1. Tie-dye rainbow nails

We love rainbows, and we love tie-dye. Put the two together, and we’re in nail heaven. 

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2. Pastel rainbow 

Grab some pastels and paint a rainbow on your nail. You won’t regret it.

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3. Pride nails

The rainbow is beautiful, but we’re especially loving those rainbow rhinestones. Epic.

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4. Rainbow heart

This tiny rainbow heart is absolute perfection. We love every tiny square millimeter of it. 

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5. Rainbow side tips

Push that French to the side and take your nail design to that next level. 

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6. More rainbow side tips

Here’s another example of rainbow side tips — but with thicker lines. We’re not sure which one we’re feeling more, so maybe we’ll try them both. 

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7. Geometric shapes

We’re not fans of geometry, but we are fans of geometric nail designs. Especially when they’re painted every color of the rainbow. 

8. Rainbow cartoons

Those clouds. That flower. Those butterflies. It’s all so insanely cute and so very colorful that we literally cannot get over these nails.

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9. Rainbow frenchies

We love this classic set of rainbow frenchies paired with some adorable little clouds. Random, but still cute.

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10. Kawaii rainbow nails

What is this masterpiece and how do we get it for ourselves immediately. Pure and total genius.

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11. Fading rainbow dots

See the dots. Be the dots. Embrace the dots. If you need us, we’re gonna be sporting rainbow dots for the rest of the year.

12. Rainbow swirls

This design reminds us of a tornado. But a rainbow one. That doesn't destroy everything in its path.

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13. Rainbow frenchies with a silver outline

Here’s another classic set of rainbow frenchies — but with a silver outline. This would work well with a black or white outline, too.

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14. Rainbow nails with happy clouds

If these smiling clouds don’t make you happy, then nothing will. 

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15. A rainbow here, a rainbow there, a rainbow everywhere

Slap on a beautiful nude base and paint on a bunch of rainbows. You’ll thank us later. 

16. Pastel rainbow frenchies

Another classic rainbow French — but make it pastel. (And throw on some bling and glitter while you’re at it.)

17. Rainbow nails + zebra print

We love animal print nails. There’s no denying this. But when that animal print is also a rainbow gradient, we can’t help but love it even more. 

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18. Rainbow dot outline

If you can make minimalist nail art also rainbow-colored, then anything is possible. 

19. Crocodile rainbow frenchies

We realize we’ve brought up rainbow frenchies at least a thousand times at this point, but these frenchies are giving us total croc vibes. We couldn’t not share them.

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20. Rainbow tie-dye French ombre

We say this a lot — if you can’t decide what design to get, then get them all. 

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