How To Remove Your Dip Powder Nails

How To Remove Your Dip Powder Nails

Dip powder nails are a special manicure method that has been growing in popularity over the last several years. As it has shown to have some very significant differences and benefits to its method of application and durability, it has a specific process for removal that should be done correctly. The good news is, it’s a relatively easy process that you can learn to do yourself at home. To get you started, we will cover how to remove your dip powder nails.

Step 1: Clip Off Excess Nail Extensions

When you’re beginning this process, it should be noted that there will be certain tools needed. It is recommended to get the best quality professional nail tools, which will make the process easier. To start, with some good clippers, you will want to clip off any extra extensions to your nails. This is especially important if you did your nails with added tips.

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Step 2: File the Top Layer Off

Next, you will want to file down or buff off the top layer of the nail polish. This will take off that first shiny layer. Filing off this layer is an important part of how to remove your dip powder nails since this will later allow the acetone you use to thoroughly remove the other layers of the polish.

Step 3: Applying the Acetone

This process will need the use of acetone, as regular nail polish removers will not work on this kind of manicure. Soak some cotton balls in the acetone. Carefully lay a soaked cotton ball over each nail. After this, wrap it in aluminum foil and give it 15 minutes to sit.

Step 4: Foil Removal Process

After you have waited 15 minutes, you can pull the aluminum foil off each finger. Use some new, dry cotton ball and wipe off the excess powder polish. The acetone should be enough to cut through the polish and make it easy to wipe off.

Step 5: Moisturize and Finish

Once all the remaining polish has been wiped from your nails, you will need some cuticle oil. The amount of acetone that soaks into your nails can severely dry them out. Simply apply a couple of drops of the cuticle oil to your nail beds. This will soak in and help give your nails a rejuvenating quality. And this is it! The removal process will be finished, with your nails remaining clean and healthy.

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