How To Stop Premature Nail Splitting

Nothing is worse than meticulously caring for your nails only to have a split or tear stunt your progress. As simple as growing out your nails may seem, the task can be difficult when your work with your hands. Everyday tasks are a hazard to nails without the proper support they need to stay strong and healthy. To learn more about how to stop premature nail splitting and achieve the natural long nails of your dreams, follow our guide.

Practice Good Hygiene

Healthy nails start with a healthy nail hygiene routine. Even when growing nails longer, it’s vital to routinely cut and buff their edges and tips to promote thick nail growth. Provocatively cutting smaller portions of your nail tips will better prepare your nails to endure the most intensive tasks of your day and prevent breakage.

Applying a generous amount of lotion to your hands and cuticles to restore moisture will also prevent dry nail splitting. These small acts of self-care can effectively maintain your immediate nail health and protect against splitting.

Choose Gel and Hardening Polish  

If you prefer painted nails but experience routine nail splitting, standard nail polish may be the source of your problems. Using traditional nail polish and nail polish remover will cause most users to scrub and repaint their nails often to maintain manicures. However, the ingredients active in nail polish remover can cause dryness and promote breakage to your nails if applied too frequently and excessively. The scrubbing motion of removing nail polish also comprises nail quality.

Gel tips are an ideal option for those for prefer painted nails but experience routine breakage. Opting for gel tips creates stronger nails by using hardening nail polish to keep nails protected against splitting. Gel tips are also no-chip, meaning users are less likely to use excessive amounts of nail polish remover to reapply fresh polish.

Finally, gel tips are removed at salons by professionals who soak nails in acetone until the gel polish falls off naturally. The process of applying and removing gel tips encourages a healthy routine to keep nail hygiene and growth well maintained.  

Keep Your Fingernails Dry

Keeping your fingernails dry is much easier said than done. Handwashing alone will exposure your nails to water repeatedly throughout the day. However, practicing a routine of thoroughly drying and applying lotion to your hands and cuticles after exposure to water will better maintain your nail strength and quality.

If you prefer long baths to showers, consider switching your routine to prevent soaking your nails in water for a prolonged period. While these changes might seem excessive, avoiding moisture is one of the most effective ways to stop premature nail splitting.

Check Your Biotin Intake

Sometimes environmental stressors aren’t the most significant hazard to our nails. An imbalance in nutrition or spike in stress can also lead to nail breakage and damage. If you experience routine splitting in your nails, consider consulting a health care provider to ask about biotin supplements.

Biotin is a vitamin known as B-7 and is a vital nutrient to maintaining the health of your hair, eyes, nails, and nervous system. Ensuring your body is receiving needed nutrients, such as biotin, will improve your health as a whole and promote healthier nail growth.

The health of your nails relies upon far more than routine manicure appointments. If you’re experiencing premature nail splitting and want to grow longer, healthier nails, assess your everyday habits, stresses, and nutrition to identify where your nails may need the most support. Once you have found a balance to maintain your nails, you’ll be one step closer to preventing painful splitting and growing long, healthy, and natural nails.