Kiara Sky’s “New Yolk City” is Vogue's “Spring Trend in the Making”

According to Vogue, Kiara Sky’s “New Yolk City” Nail Lacquer is this year’s “Spring Trend in the Making.” Featured on the nails of legendary pop star JLo a month after her groundbreaking 2020 Super Bowl Halftime Performance with Shakira, Jenny from the Block is no short of rocking Kiara Sky’s daring neon hue! 

Celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik shared Jennifer Lopez’s stunning shade on his Instagram Wednesday, March 11, 2020 tagging @KiaraSkyNails and our fabulous neon yellow “New Yolk City” nail color. 

Vogue’s Jenna Rennert made sure that the rest of the world was prepped and ready to discover this celeb-favorite nail look by taking to Vogue’s Beauty section the same day to exhibit this outstanding polish.

“When it comes time to take a beauty risk, Lopez has a ‘go big or go home’ strategy, evidenced today when she revealed a shocking shade of neon yellow on her oval-shaped nails,” wrote Rennert.

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“New Yolk City” is a neon yellow nail color that is next to none and we’ve got this shocking shade in Nail Lacquer, Gel Polish, and Dip Powder so you can achieve this fabulous trend with your favorite method of application! 

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