The Best Spring Nail Colors for 2021

The Best Spring Nail Colors for 2021

It’s finally spring! Time to enjoy warmer weather, fresh air, and blooming trees and flowers. This season, let your nails take on the colors right outside your window. From blues that mirror the sky to nudes accentuating the colors of your soon-to-be-planted flower beds, we have all of the shades you need this time of year. Read on to learn more about the best spring nail colors for 2021!

Deeper Nudes

Whites and creams will always be in style, but this spring, get in touch with the deeper, darker side of nudes. Think of browns, tans, grays—the shades that make up the soil in the backyard—and then go off that! Find notes of caramel and copper, and lean into the warm and unexpected side of nudes.

Our Nude Swings and Top Notch shades are a great start in the world of deeper nudes.

Wet Forests

Kind of along that backyard soil note, some of the other top spring nail colors for 2021 that you might find resemble the forest after a spring rain. Think of mossy tones—not quite St. Patrick’s Day green nor super minty. If you want something a little flashier, go for emerald—like the rain hitting wet leaves.

Then, there are the other elements of the forest—subdued, muted yellows like the sun glinting through branches. Or even the deeper teals of freshwater pools. Our Main Squeeze shade will be just the perfect muted yellow, while our Matcha Latte will give your fingers that mossy look.

Blooming Bushes

This palette is the one for those of you who crave the pinks and purples of rose bushes and early spring blooms. Think of any shade that would fit well in a bouquet of flowers. You could go with a bold cherry red of roses or the Barbie pink of tulips—even a deeper purple could satisfy if you’re not into spring pastels.

From blushes and vibrant pinks to pastel yellows and luscious violets, make your fingers your very own bouquet. Our Smooch shade is your new go-to vibrant red, Wine Not your new purple, and Rag Doll your new Barbie doll.

Sky & Sparkle

What’s your favorite aspect of springtime? For us, we love seeing blue skies again! Bring that same energy to your fingertips by creating a sky on your hands. Sweet shimmers will give you a glimpse of sunshine, and honestly, any blue from vibrant to light will do the trick.

Give yourself a little shimmer with our Sweet Plum shade, and dig into our fabulous blues: Skies The Limit, Wavy Baby, and Take Me To Paradise.

Kiara Sky Nails is the place to turn to for all your nail needs. Our dip powder nail colors are just what you need to embrace all that spring has in store for you this year. Shop now!