Top Nail Trends for Weddings in 2021

Top Nail Trends for Weddings in 2021

Everyone wants the best nails possible on their wedding day. With so many options available and the trends changing year to year, it can become difficult to decide what you want to do. It will help you to look at some of the most popular options recommended by the professionals. Learn about the top nail trends for weddings in 2021 by reading below.

French Wedding Style Nails

This nail style uses classic French nail tips but adds a colorful twist. Instead of doing traditional French tips in white against a nude nail, go for a white nail with silver tips. This brings a subtle glamour to your look that perfectly fits the traditional colors of a wedding dress and a beautiful white and gold wedding ring.

Wedding Nail Art Nails

There are some great ways to use nail art on your wedding without it looking too over-the-top. Consider starting your nails off with a solid color such as white or pink. Strategically place some designs on every other nail to create a subtle but lovely look. Try using either diamantes, flower stickers, swirl stickers, or any similar designs with your colored nails.

Ivory Nails With Gold Glitter

Give your nails a traditional feel that incorporates a more contemporary style with these ivory nails that feature gold sparkles. Use the ivory for your base color. Next, add a touch of gold sparkles. Start by completely covering the tip of the nail with the glitter, then spread the glitter thinner as you move toward the middle of your nail. This style provides the perfect amount of glam to stand out for your special day.

Blue Wedding Nails

There are several ways you can use blue for your wedding nails. You can choose to go with a dark navy blue, or you can create a softer look with a light blue. The light blue will pair wonderfully with a classic white wedding gown. Add some cute white stickers or paint designs onto your ring fingernail for a highlight of cuteness.

3D Wedding Nails

One of the top nail trends for weddings in 2021 is wild 3D nails. Start by painting your nails white, silver, or pale pink. Next, bedazzle your nails with some gorgeous stones. Decorate every nail in this way. You will look stunning when you walk out with these shining nails.

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