Top Ways To Make Your Gel Manicure Last Longer

Top Ways To Make Your Gel Manicure Last Longer

Gel nail polish manicures have many benefits—for one, they last longer than standard nail polish manicures. However, a gel manicure is subject to lifting, peeling, and splitting over time. It’s important to get a great nail technician who specializes in gel nails, or do them carefully on your own. After that, you should take good care of your nails to keep them in their best condition. These are the top ways to make your gel manicure last longer.

Don’t Pick Your Nails

One of the most obvious ways to make your gel manicure last longer is to avoid picking at your nails. For some, this is a common habit. Picking or chewing your gel nails weakens them, so try to break the habit.

Avoid Hot Water

Whether you’re washing your hands or taking a shower, opt for warm water over hot. Hot water causes gel nails to lift. The polish will start to separate from its initial position, which can also lead to peeling.

Moisturize With Cuticle Oil

You should always keep nails moisturized and nourish them with cuticle oil. It’s especially important with gel nails, as it helps prevent dryness, making them last longer. Find a cuticle oil with nourishing elements like vitamins A and E.

Resist Trimming and Filing

Avoiding the urge to file or trim nails is one of the top ways to make your gel manicure last longer. When you trim nails with gel nail polish, it can cause them to split, lift, and peel.

Using Cleaning Gloves

You should always use rubber cleaning gloves when using chemical cleaners around the house. This is especially true when you have gel nails, since the chemicals, even natural ones, will weaken the polish. You should even use gloves when washing dishes. Dish detergent isn’t good for gel nails either.

These tips will help your nails last longer, but it’s also important that you apply them correctly in the first place. At Kiara Sky nails, you can find the perfect professional gel nail kit along with anything else you need for beautiful and long-lasting nails.