What To Know Before Mixing Dip Powder Systems

What To Know Before Mixing Dip Powder Systems

Dip powder systems are a great option for a manicure, and they have risen in popularity in recent years. Due to the amount of talk about dip powder nails, questions about whether you can mix different manufacturer dip powder products have also arisen. Some will tell you it is a bad idea to cross products from different manufacturers, and others will say there’s no harm because all products are essentially the same. There are, however, some specific things that consumers should be aware of when mixing these products. Here, we will tell you exactly what to know before mixing dip powder systems.

What Makes One Brand’s System Different From Another

It is true that various companies’ dip powder systems work the same way. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can mix the different products. While many dipping systems operate using a similar application process, the systems themselves may not all be the same. Dip Nail powders are specifically designed to combine or polymerize with the base coats, activators, and top coats. All these materials are vital to the durability that results from the binding. Additionally, some companies’ application instructions are different, which means some products may not mix well.

Keep Liquids in the Same Branded System

When it comes to the liquids you use in the application process of dip powder nails, it is best to stick to one brand of liquids. That’s not to say you can’t get away with mixing some liquids, but it might be wiser not to take your chances. The liquids are one of the main materials you need to make the binding process possible. Following a brand’s instructions for the application process is what makes the manicure work correctly. One brand’s product may not work with another brand’s instructions, as they were not meant for that particular product. Therefore, it’s often wiser to stick with liquids in the same branded system.

You Have More Room For Mixing Powders

When considering what to know before mixing dip powder systems, this detail may come as a positive. Because of the way the binding process works, it is generally safe to mix one brand of powder with a different brand of liquids. You will apply many dip powders in the same way, so it does not appear that there is any difference in the way various powders work with the liquid products. It is still important to buy dip powder from a reliable manufacturer to ensure quality. If you stick with high-quality brands, you shouldn’t see any issues with most products.