Caring for your products is the key to making them last.

Need to keep your Dip Powder Kit as good as new? Your Kiara Sky Brush Saver, bottle #7, in your Dip Powder Starter Kit is your new best friend!

This bottle is essential to keeping your brushes clean, dissolving any leftover product and preventing cross contamination between your glazes that could cause them to become hardened, stringy, gooey and, worst of all, ruined! This lucky product is the holy grail of product preservation which is why we include it in every Kiara Sky Dip Powder Starter Kit.

How to care for your Kiara Sky Brush Saver:

  • Step #1
    Begin by removing the Brush Saver cap and wiping the brush and wand clean with a lint-free cloth. Set this clean brush aside and take the brush from the product in your Dip Kit that needs a good cleaning. (Perhaps the brushes have begun to stick together or you have some product buildup on your Dip Base and your Dip Top.)
  • Step #2
    Select the brush and place it into the Brush Saver bottle. Screw on the top and give your Brush Saver bottle with your dirty brush a good shake! Be sure you quickly place your clean Brush Saver brush from Step #1 into the bottle you’re cleaning to prevent it from drying out.
  • Step #3
    Allow your dirty brush to sit in the Brush Saver for about 15 minutes and then remove the newly cleaned brush and give it a good wipe with a lint-free cloth. This step prevents the Brush Saver from contaminating your other Dip Powder glazes.

    And voilà! You have a squeaky clean brush and any leftover product (including dip powder, and other glazes from the kit) have been dissolved; restoring your well-loved Dip Kit to its former glory!

Pro Tip: Avoid Seal Protect coming into contact with either your Dip Base or Dip Top coat via your brushes. Seal Protect can cause both of these products to activate, causing them to become sticky, stringy, hardened, and worst of all, ruined!

After you apply the second layer of Seal & Protect, make sure you massage the nail really well with a lint free wipe, not only will this ensure the Seal Protect penetrates the nail completely and activates the manicure, it will also remove any excess product that may still be on top of the nail, helping to avoid cross-contamination between your glazes.

You can use your Kiara Sky Brush Saver between applications during your dip powder manicure to optimize each of the glazes in your kit! Use your Brush Saver after your Dip Top coat application to prevent the product from hardening.