Dear KS Besties,

Demand for our products is officially higher now than at any time since the COVID-19 epidemic began. While we are delighted that so many new besties are finding us and will experience our products, we truly wish it was under happier circumstances.

We have completely exceeded our shipping capacity at this point and our orders are growing daily. We are doing everything we can to get orders out as soon as possible, however, due to the extra safety precautions necessary to keep our staff healthy, we are unable to process orders at the same rate we typically do.

If you placed an order on or before 04/13, please rest assured your order will still be processed and shipped. Please allow us 5-8 business days to process and ship your order! We are aware there are some orders who are above that time frame, and many of those orders are held up by a shortage in “Coffin Long” Gelly Tips. If your order contains these out of stock items, please allow an additional 2-3 business days for your order to ship. 

We are getting 90% of orders out in 5-7 business days or less but many of the late orders are held up by "out of stock" items that take additional time for our manufacturing facilities to produce and assemble. Our Kiara Sky inventory continues to be very strong overall.

We are truly grateful for your business. We ask only for your understanding and patience during this difficult time, as our customer service team is overwhelmed.

We promise we are on it, Besties!

Stay safe, healthy and happy!

Kiara Sky Team