15 neutral nail colors that look good on everyone

Peach Bum

Even though we love bright and funky nails, having neutral nail colors on hand is always important. Neutral nail polishes are perfect for everyday use since they can flow with any outfit or event.

When we think of neutral nail colors, we’re not always envisioning white and nude. We also expand this to include light pinks, lilacs, and peaches.

Take a look at 15 of our favorite neutral nail colors and don’t forget to save your favorite look for later.

1. Milky White + Pure White

milky white and pure white nail polish

📷Photo by @gloss.la

💅View The Polishes: Milky White + Pure White

2. Cover Acrylic Powder

Cover acrylic neutral nail polish colors

💅View The Cover Acrylics: Mauve Taupe + Rose Water + Pale Pink + Shirley Temple + Blush Away

3. Staycation

Staycation nail polish

💅View The Polish: Staycation

4. Peach Bum

Peach bum nail polish

📷Photo by @fiepedersen.dk

💅View The Polish: Peach Bum

5. Etiquette First

Etiquette First neutral nail color

💅View The Polish: Etiquette First

6. Warm N’ Toasty

Warm N Toasty nail polish

💅View The Polish: Warm N’ Toasty

7. Cheeky 

cheeky neutral nail color

💅View The Polish: Cheeky

8. Nude, Mauve, Rose, and Buttercup

nail set using neutral nail colors

💅View The Polish: Nude Swings + Mauve A Lil’ Closer + Rose Bon Bon + Cheer Up Buttercup

9. Something Sweet

Something Sweet nail polish

💅View The Polish: Something Sweet

10. Exposed

Exposed nail polish

📷Photo by @victoriaoliviaxo

💅View The Polish: Exposed

11. Cream Of The Crop

Cream of the Crop nail polish

📷Photo by @nailsontop_nk

💅View The Polish: Cream Of The Crop

12. The Simple Life

The Simple Life nail polish

📷Photo by @shopchikkitas_nails

💅View The Polish: The Simple Life

13. Taup-Less

Taup-less nail polish

💅View The Polish: Taup-Less

14. Lunar Or Later

Lunar or Later nail polish

📷Photo by @klaudiabadura 

💅View The Polish: Lunar Or Later

15. Re-Nude

Re-Nude nail polish

📷Photo by @luminousnails

💅View The Polish: Re-Nude 

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