How To Prep Your Nails Before Using Dip Powders

dip powder manicure

More goes into a manicure than colorful polishes and finishes. In fact, the nail care that comes before adding polish is essential to preserving the perfect non-chip manicure. In this blog, we'll explain step-by-step how to prep your nails before using dip powders to give you the longest-lasting polish!

Step One: Soak Nails

The first step for prepping your nails to soak your fingertips in a bowl of warm water. The warmth of the water will help soften the skin around the cuticles of your nails, making them more malleable to push back. Soak your fingers on each hand for two minutes before continuing to the next step.

Step Two: Push Back Cuticles

After soaking your nails, reach for your cuticle tool to begin pushing back cuticles to the base of the nail bed. When you push back cuticles, use gentler motions, and avoid harsh scrubbing or scraping on the surface of the nail. Pushing cuticles back is crucial prep work for dip powders because exposed cuticles could cause premature lifting on polish. Once you push your cuticles back, remove any dead skin at the corner or underneath fingernails.

Step Three: File and Shape Nails

Next, you will shape and file your nails with a nail file until they are a desired shape and length. If your nails are uneven or need to be cut, evenly shape each finger at the top and sides of your nail until you feel satisfied with your nails' look.

Step Four: Buff Nails

Now that your nails are shaped and filed, grab a buffing block to begin buffing your natural nails. When you buff your nails, focus on the cuticle area to remove any leftover dead skin that may not be visible to your eyes. Forgetting to buff or not buffing well enough around the cuticle area could leave dead skin on the nail and cause premature polish lift.

Step Five: Clean Nails

The last step to prep your nails before using dip powder is to clean your nails with rubbing alcohol. The easiest way to apply alcohol to the nails is to take a cloth or napkin and wet it with an ample amount of solution. Thoroughly wipe other your nails until they have all been cleaned and sanitized. This step is vital to reduce moisture in the nail before dip powder application to prevent lifting polish.

Once you complete each of these steps, you'll be ready to delve into different bright and adventurous polishes to decorate your nails. Using dip powder starter kits is perfect for those who are new to applying their dip powder to their nails at home. These prepping steps will prepare your nails to hold polishes longer without lift and maintain the glow of a professional spa manicure.