How To Dry Home Manicures Faster

How To Dry Home Manicures Faster

Nothing is worse than smudging your nails after a freshly finished home manicure. After taking time to prep, paint, and coat your nails, a lingering wet spot on your finger can turn a perfect miniature into a botched one. In this blog, we’re going to discuss how to avoid these nail disasters by sharing our tips on how to dry home manicures faster.

Use Quick-Dry Seal Protectants

When finishing a home manicure, the best method to drying your nails quickly is to apply a quick-dry seal protectant to your nails. These protectants cover fresh polish to seal a firm and durable layer of sheen, preventing chipping and premature smudging. Seal protectants can be found in our nail dip powder starter kits and are essential to give manicured nails long-lasting protection.                                                                              

Apply Olive Oil

Do you prefer to stay away from seal polishes? Try olive oil instead. Olive oil, baby oil, and cooking oil are all proven and effective methods to make nails dry faster. To use oils on your nails, finish your applying your manicure first. After you've applied your nail polish, add one drop of oil to each nail and let the oil sit and soak for several minutes.

When you add oil to your drying nails, the oil soaks and thins the texture of polish, which helps it dry faster. When the polish and oil have thoroughly dried, you will see oil beading on top of your nails. Wipe the excess oil away for a smudge-free manicure.

Grab Your Hairdryer

When getting a manicure at a salon, your nails will most likely spend time beneath a softly blowing fan to speed up the drying process. This drying method is entirely transferable to try at home. All you’ll need for this drying trick is a standard hairdryer.

Arrange your hairdryer settings, so it blows cool air with low airflow. Choosing colder temperatures and a softer airflow will prevent any thick polish from deforming as it dries. Hold each hand under your hairdryer for approximately five minutes each without moving or touching your nails. Once you have blow-dried both hands, your home manicure is officially ready to show off to friends. 

Ruined manicures are completely preventable once you follow these steps on how to dry home manicures faster. Remember to schedule ample time to apply these drying methods and let nails sit before using your hands again. While drying will still require some patience, your time spent waiting and the risk of smudging will all be minimal. 

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