Mani Must-Have Tools: How To Mimic Salon Manicures at Home

If you've ever struggled to give yourself a quality manicure that shows off the same sheen and shine as a nail salon, you're not alone. Recreating a salon manicure at home can be difficult without proper equipment.

In this blog, we're sharing all the must-have manicure essential tools to stop these frustrating struggles and give you the quality salon manicure you've been dreaming of. To learn more about our mani must-have tools, continue reading!

Professional Polishes

The perfect manicure begins with the perfect polish. The key to finding the best professional polish for your manicure is to choose what type of manicure you'd like to apply. Do you prefer standard polish, gel tips, powder dipped, or acrylic nails?

Once you decide which of these manicures fits your style, you can explore a wide range of polishes and palettes. Whether you pick seasonal spring pastels or opt for bright and bold summer nails, your high-quality polish will professionally accessorize your nails.

Nail Drills

If you don't have a nail drill in your professional nail equipment, now is the time to add this essential tool! A nail drill is an absolute must-have for any salon-inspired manicure. Although many people assume nail drills are only helpful for shaping acrylic nails, these drills will have a beneficial impact on any manicure style.

If your nails have white bumps or ridges, these drills can lightly smooth away imperfections as a prep step before adding standard, gel, or acrylic polish. Once your nails are smoothed, your polish will adhere more evenly and be less likely to lift prematurely. 

LED Lamps

No manicure tool kit is complete without a portable LED lamp station. These LED lamps will be instrumental in drying each layer of your polish and ensuring that your nails have a durable and long-lasting finish.

These machines are also easy to operate and portable, which means you can dry your nails in front of your TV, at your kitchen table, or at a friend's house. These lamps will change your manicure process forever and leave you with a salon-quality shine.

Once you've added each of these mani must-have tools to your nail care tool belt, your manicures will be less stressful, more professional, and mimic the salon quality you love. Here at Kiara Sky Professional Nails, we offer a wide selection of nail care products you can add to your manicure tool belt. To browse some of our polishes and supplies, check out our website.