Top Nail Trends for Summer 2021

Now that's the sun's out and summertime is upon us, it's time to show off some of the latest fashion nail trends. Whether you're looking for a polish to pair with a trip to the beach, a picnic at the park, or a simple afternoon on your back porch, there are plenty of new bold and unique nail trends to explore. To learn more about the top nail trends for summer 2021 and how to be manicure-ready for any summer occasion, continue reading our blog.

Colorful French Manicures

You've most likely heard of a classic French manicure. The white gel tips and glossy clear polish of French manicures have made them a traditionally classic and sophisticated look. However, colorful French manicures have altered this familiar trend into a new and innovative nail style.

Colorful French nails replace regular white gel tips with bold and brilliant colors and designs. This trend uses different shapes and palettes to create detailed nail tips with the familiar gloss and shine of a traditional French manicure. This style is set to be one of the top looks of the summer and will complement any outfit to look flirtier and more fun.

Color Block Nails

Want to start the summer with trendy retro nails? If so, color block nails are the perfect manicure trend to kick off your summer. Color block nails take alternating nail colors to the next level. Rather than alternating polish colors on every other finger, this trend instead divides each individual nail into blocks of colors.

This trend's contrasting shapes and shades give it a retro look that honors bold and vibrant designs from the 80s and 90s. Your manicure can feature color blocks of pink, red, and white squares or layered blue and purple polish circles with this design.

Multiple Nail Finishes

Prefer to keep your nail colors simple this summer? Try indulging in a mix of nail finishes to join another popular summer trend. This trend is all about using different textures and shines to add another dimension to freshly manicured nails.

This trend is also simple with the use of dip powder products with different finish formulas. For example, try applying a glossy finish to your acrylic nail tips, paired with a matte polish on the base of your nail beds. The result will be an intricate and sophisticated design perfect for any summer outfit. 

This trend is perfect for those who prefer nude or neutral color polishes over louder summer colors. The different polish finishes will give you the freedom to creatively craft your nails without risking a busy or overwhelming design. These contrast in finish textures will elevate even the simplest of polish colors to look more edgy and refined.

Neon Polishes

Neon nails are the perfect polish to wear when you want your nails to make a statement. These loud colors are a classic twist on standard polishes. Although neon shades may seem too vibrant for everyday wear, neon shades have some of the most timeless summer shades. For example, neon red nails are beloved as a classic summer color. 

Neon polishes are also perfect for those looking to appear freshly sun-kissed. The brightness of neon polishes adds warmth and a tanner complexion to even the palest of skin tones. These colors can make any skin tone look like you’ve just returned from a long vacation of relaxing in the sun. Whether you choose bright red, ultramarine blue, or neon yellow—each of these shades will serve as an excellent statement piece for your summer style.  

Pastel Polishes

If neon polish doesn't fit your personality, have no fear. Pastel polishes are also in trend this summer! Following the trends of revived early 2000s fashion, pastel polishes have gained massive popularity as a manicure favorite over the past year.

Pastel colors add a soft and delicate look to any outfit and are perfect for those who want to explore colors that aren't overly distracting. Pastel polishes are also easy to pair with any outfit because of their soft and elegant look.

If you want to take this trend to the next level, try alternating different polish colors for each of your nails. Mixed nails are at the center of summer 2021 trends, so adding a mix of your favorite pastel palettes will ensure you're at the forefront of this bold and adventurous style.  

Floral Patterns

If you have an eye for detail, choosing a customized nail art design may be more rewarding than trying different polish colors. Summer is the best season for indulging in new tools for drawing handcrafted gel designs.

Floral designs featuring delicate, blooming flowers can add a personalized flair to any standard summer manicure. If you prefer to steer away from floral patterns, customize ocean waves, smiling sunshines, or any other summer emblems that can help you personalize and celebrate the season. No matter what type of design you pair with your polish, your customized design will make any regular manicure unique.

Glitter Polishes

Summer is all about laying out in the sun and catching as much sunshine as possible. This summer, consider painting your nails with a glitter polish to catch the sun's natural rays and glisten with a luminous shine. Glitter polishes optimize your skin's natural glow and radiance to give you the most sun-kissed appearance.

Glitter polishes are also highly versatile to different nail trends and colors. These polishes can make bold neon colors even more eye-catching and energetic, or they can also be a simple embellishment to a neutral shade. Regardless of what color you prefer to paint your nails, a glittery finish will transform any manicure into a trendy and stylish design.

With so many different top nail trends for summer 2021 to choose from, your options for creative, bold, and adventurous designs are endless. As you prepare for the summer, consider what polish colors, shapes, and patterns you'd like to explore. 

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Top Nail Trends for Summer 2021