The Best Nail Color for Your Zodiac Sign

The Best Nail Color for Your Zodiac Sign

If you like getting your nails done, you probably enjoy trying out different colors. If you’re looking for a new, unique way to decide on your next nail polish color, consider your zodiac sign. There are specific colors that represent each sign. For the best nail color for your zodiac sign, read below.

Aries: Red

Most Aries are associated with fire and passion. Wear red as a bold representation of your inner fire and enthusiasm.

Taurus: Deep Green

Taurus generally represents the dedicated, reliable, and dependable. Because of this, Tauruses are viewed as very down to earth. Represent this with a deep green nail polish.

Gemini: Hot Pink

When it comes to the best nail colors for your zodiac sign, hot pink nails will suit a Gemini. They can show off their love of communicating with others with this color choice.

Cancer: Pale Gloss

Cancers love being needed by others. They usually want to develop a sense of home and identity. Classic pale nails will call to mind calmness and tradition.

Leo: Yellow

Leos have a natural knack for bringing warmth to others. Let this warmth show on you with some vibrant yellow nails.

Virgo: Burgundy

Since Virgos are born with a very analytical mind, they tend to have a meticulous way about them. Represent your Virgo with nails of an elegant burgundy.

Libra: Pale Pink

While most Libras are said to feel the need for balance, justice, and stability, they also value the idea of beauty. Paint your nails a pale pink for a look of classic elegance.

Scorpio: Dark Mauve

The zodiac sign of Scorpio is typically an intense one. Some of the feelings of intensity come from their natural boldness. You can wear your confidence on your nails in a deep mauve and other dark colors.

Sagittarius: Bronze

Those born under Sagittarius are known for enjoying a fun time. Get yours going with a sparkling bronze polish on your nails. This color will show you are ready to vibe at the next gathering.

Capricorn: Bold Red

Capricorns are great at applying a keen intelligence to drive their ambition. They’re especially good at managing practical matters. Wear your nails in a bold red for a sophisticated, fearless look.

Aquarius: Neon

For these individuals, it’s important for them to feel like they stand out. Nothing catches attention like neon. Pick your favorite neon color for your next manicure.

Pisces: Blue

Often represented by the ocean, Pisces is associated with blue. Paint your nails a sea blue to display the magic and wonder of the sea.

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