What To Know Before Using Dip Powder With Nail Extensions

What To Know Before Using Dip Powder With Nail Extensions

Of the many available manicures, dip powder nails has had one of the most significant growths over the last few years. The process is very unique from other manicures such as gels or acrylics. A few of these methods are great for faux nail extensions. Learn what to know before using dip powder with nail extensions by reading below.

What is Dip Powder?

The process uses different powders in place of traditional polishes and bases. You will paint on a base coat activator and a topcoat sealant, but in between these you dip your nails into a small jar of dip powder in the color you prefer. Similar to other processes, you start this one by prepping the nails. When they’re ready, you paint on a bond. After this, dip your nails in powder. This part is repeated two or three times before you move to the color powder. The next part is generally the same as the previous. A top layer powder, known as a clear, gets added next. Clear is what protects the color pigment when filing the nail. A sealer is painted on so you can file and buff out the surface. A topcoat Number Three is applied and then allowed to dry, and then a topcoat Number Four gets applied to complete to complete the process.

How Is It Different from Gel and Acrylic?

There are some significant differences from dip powder and gel and acrylic nails. One of the major differences between the powder and the gel are the use of UV lamps. Gel manicures require you to put your nails under a UV lamp which cures and solidifies the polish. Dip powder nails don’t require the use of any UV lamps, as they dry completely by air and fairly fast. Dip powder is different from acrylic because of its application process and durability. The process and the sealants of using dip powder gives the nail a strength that acrylics don’t have. Dip powder manicures can last from four to six weeks, whereas acrylics last usually around two weeks.

What Are the Benefits of Dip Powder With Nail Extensions?

One of the last details of what to know before using dip powder with nail extensions is the benefits it has. Th greatest benefits of using dip powder, especially with nail extensions, is the durability and the longevity. You can adhere your faux nail extensions to your natural nails and then use the exact method described above. Your long nails will be much more protected from damage and injury, as the process makes them strong but also flexible. Dip powder also eliminates the use of UV lams which makes your likelihood of skin cancer in the future much less likely.

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