10 examples of purple nails you should steal for yourself

stars and glitter purple nails

Photo by @fiepedersen.dk via Instagram

Purple nails are almost always stunning. From magenta to neon purple to lilac, purple is a versatile color that can take things over the top or help tone things down.

To show you how beautiful purple nails can be, we’ve hunted down 10 of our favorite examples (sorry ahead of time for all the lilac).

1. Light purple flames

We love flame nails, and this shade of purple makes us love them even more. Light purple nails ftw.

Get The Purple: D’Lilac

2. Swirls, nude, & glitter

Nude looks great on nails. Swirls look great on nails. Glitter looks great on nails. Put the three together and you have great nails (x3).

Recreate This Look: Laven Dare + Iris & Shine + Velvet Matte Top Coat + Holo Grail Glitter

3. Lilac and gold

Matte or gloss, we’re big fans of light purple, especially when it’s next to gold. It’s definitely one of our favorite color combos.

Get The Purple: D’Lilac

4. Cloudy with a chance of purple 

These cloudy nails make us want to curl up next to a window with a thick blanket and some hot tea. But it’s over 100 degrees outside right now, so we’ll just settle for the purple nails and call it a day.

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5. Glow in the dark nails

These nails aren’t just a stunning purple shade... they also glow in the dark. And the hearts aren’t half bad either.  

Get The Glow: Electric Daisy 

6. Purple bunnies

It’s time to ditch the animal print for bunny faces. Just kidding. We love animal print, but bunny faces are always a nice alternative.

Get The Purple: D’Lilac

7. Ombre v tips

This v tip purple ombre is giving us everything, and makes us realize that we need more magenta in this world. 

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8. Only lilac

Like Britney said, hit me baby one more time. This is the 4th time we’ve shown an example with lilac, and that's not a coincidence. 

Get The Purple: D’Lilac

9. Stars and glitter

Oh, look. It’s lilac again. But this time, stars and parties have joined the party, and we’re definitely enjoying ourselves.

Get The Glitter: Eerie-Descent 

10. Everything

Can’t decide what to get? That’s okay. Get all the shades and all the designs at the same time.

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