The French Manicure Is Back and More Colorful Than Ever

The French Manicure Is Back and More Colorful Than Ever

You may notice that trends this summer are all focusing on bright colors and bold designs. With nostalgic similarities to 2000s trends, some of our forgotten favorite styles are finally coming back into fashion. Perhaps the most exciting trend to see revival is the classic French manicure. However, this nail art has come back into style will a new and unique twist. To learn more about why the French manicure is back and more colorful than ever, continue reading our blog.

Bright Tips

Although traditional French manicures are famous for their white gel tips and clear sheen polish, colorful French manicures have shaken up this design. Rather than standard white, new French manicures feature some of the brightest and most vibrant colors. These bright gel tips create a fun, fresh, and sophisticated twist to a traditional nail trend.

Best French Gel Tip Colors

  • Baby blue
  • Blush Pink
  • Blood orange
  • Lavender

Patterned Accents

Color is not the only possible addition to this classic manicure. New trends of adding customized nail art to French manicures have also gained popularity. 

With such precise styling tools available, it’s now possible to craft personalized and unique patterns to accompany some of the most favorite classic manicure styles. Whether you prefer pastel pink French tips with yellow flowers or light blue tips with green smiley faces, it’s never been easier to personalize your French manicure design.

Line Art Designs

Nail shape has also changed the appearance of new-age French manicures. Since square-shaped nails were the dominant shape back in the 2000s, the white gel tips of these polishes were almost always thick and rectangular.

However, since a broader range of nail shapes are popular today, brighter gel colors have allowed more creative outlining. Instead, bright blues, pinks, and greens can feature line art designs of gel tips that accentuate a nail’s sharp shape. Today, French manicure gel tips can come in circular, triangular, or curved patterns to make nails appear longer, fuller, and bolder. 

If you haven’t attempted this new trend, this summer is the perfect time to try it. The French manicure is back and more colorful than ever, which means this classic nail art can elevate your summer nails to embrace old trends while exploring new fashion. 

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