Tips for Successfully Removing Gel Nail Polish

Tips for Successfully Removing Gel Nail Polish

Gel nails are one of the most popular and beneficial options when it comes to manicures. While they have many great qualities that put them above other nail options, they require a specific removal process. In order to avoid damage to your natural nails and cuticles, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the process. For some tips for successfully removing gel nail polish, read below.

Protect Your Skin

Immerse your whole nail in the chemical. Your fingers will be exposed to it as well, which can cause your skim to dry, get red, and crack. It’s best to protect your skin form the effects of acetone by using things such as cuticle oil, cream, or Vaseline. Such protective products will form a protective layer, lessening the damage to your skin.

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Buff Your Nails Out

Gel nail polish lays on very strong and thick. This is why it makes your nails so durable. However, that means a bit of extra work is required to remove them safely. Use a buffing tool or a coarse nail file to buff off the top layer of the polish. This will allow the acetone to penetrate the manicure much faster. A good way to tell if you’ve buffed them enough is if the shine has been removed.

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Use Cotton Balls Soaked in Acetone

To get the right acetone exposure on the nail without submerging your finger in the chemical, use cotton balls. Soak each cotton ball in the acetone and then place one on each nail. Make you’re using pure acetone and not a nail polish remover simply containing acetone. The remover could work, but it will take far longer.

Wrap the Cotton in Foil

Don’t miss this tip! The cotton needs to be able to stay on your nails for the gel to absorb the acetone properly. Take some tin foil and cut it into enough squares for each fingernail. Make sure to wrap each finer in the foil so it holds the cotton ball in place.

Soak the Nails for Up To 15 Minutes

There’s still a bit of waiting involved in the process. It’s important to rest your hands so the foil and cotton doesn’t get bumped. If you’ve done this process correctly, the gel should slide off when you remove the foil and cotton. If it’s still not coming off, soak them again for another 5 minutes. Finish the process with some cuticle oil to help rejuvenate the nail and the skin around it.

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