19 light nail colors that are perfect for toned-down looks

light nail colors

Not everyone wants to walk around with multi-colored neon nails 24/7/365, and we totally get that. This is why we love light nail colors.

Light nail polish is perfect for everyday wear and neutral looks.

Take a look at 19 of our favorite light nail colors, and save your favorite shade for later!

1. Matcha Latte

Green light nail polish colors

💅Matcha Latte 

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2. Peach Bum

Peach nail polish color

💅Peach Bum


3. Etiquette First

light pink nail polish color

💅Etiquette First


4. Wavy Baby

light blue nail polish color

💅Wavy Baby 

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5. Staycation

nude nail polish color



6. D’Lilac

lilac nail polish color



7. Sugar High

white nail polish color

💅Sugar High 

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8. Cheeky 

Cheeky nail polish color


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9. Petal Dust

pale pink nail polish

💅Petal Dust 

10. You Make Me Melt

you make me melt nail polish

💅You Make Me Melt  

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11. Tickled Pink

white and pink nail polish

💅Tickled Pink + Pure White  

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12. Cherry Skies

ombre nail polish

💅Cherry Skies 


13. Peachin’

peachin' nail polish



14. Tropic Like It’s Hot

light green nail polish

💅Tropic Like It’s Hot


15. Sweet Tooth

super light blue polish

💅Sweet Tooth

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16. Warm Lavender

lavendar nail polish

💅Warm Lavender

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17. Fun & Games

Beige nail polish

💅Fun & Games


18. Cotton Kisses

super light pink polish

💅Cotton Kisses 


19. Rose Bon Bon

Rose nail polish color

💅Rose Bon Bon 

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