23 red nail designs we’re completely in love with

Red nail designs

Photo by @Chaunlegend via Instagram

Red nail designs don’t begin and end with a simple glossy red set and Christmas patterns. There’s so much more to red nails than that, and we can prove it.

We’ve hunted down 23 of our favorite red nail designs. Check them out below and use them as inspo for your next set of claws.

1. Red bandana nails

From the red rhinestones to the bandana nail wraps to the red side tips, we love everything about this red nail design. 

💅Red polish: Roses Are Red

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2. Nude nails with red flames 🔥

We can’t get enough of flame nails, but we especially love the nude base and the mix-up of patterns on this design.

💅Nude base: Wifey Material

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3. Red outlines

This color combo is to die for, and this red nail design is pure genius. 10 out of 10 in our book.

💅Nude base: Laven-dare

⚫Black polish: Negative Space

🔴Red polish: Can’t Let Gogh

4. Matte cheetah-cherry nails 🐆🍒

Is it random to put cherries next to cheetah print? Definitely. But do we still love it? Definitely.

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5. Bright red v tips

V tips are perfect for really beautiful, minimalist nail art, and they look even more beautiful in a stunning shade of bright red. 

💅Red polish: Caliente

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7. Red glitter polish and silver rhinestones

We’d wear these beautiful babes all throughout December and then keep them on for the next 11 or so months.  

💅Red glitter polish: Rage The Night Away

💎Silver rhinestones: Moonstone

8. Red lips 💄

These nails are 100% our type. We didn’t just swipe right, we headed straight for that wedding altar. 

💅Red polish: Can’t Let Gogh

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9. Red Burberry nails

Burberry nails are never going out of style. 

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10. Red and pink 

Red and pink is a fun color combo that reminds us of candy. And anything that reminds us of candy is a good thing in our minds. 

🔴Red polish: Sunburst

🎀Pink polish: Pink Tutu

11. Deep red ombre

We’ll take an ombre nail design any day of the week — especially if it’s a deep red to nude transition. 

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12. V day nails 💞

One of our favorite things is a stunning set of red claws for Valentine’s Day, and these claws fit that bill perfectly.

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13. Halloween nails 👻

Would Halloween even be Halloween without black and red horror-themed nails? 

💅Black polish: Black To Black

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14. Shimmery red hearts on a nude base

If there’s red polish nearby, there’s a good chance you’re going to see some hearts. But we’re not mad about it. The more hearts, the better. 

💅Nude Base: Bare With Me

🔴Red polish: Dream Illusion

15. All-in-one red nails

We always say it — if you can’t decide on one design, get them all. In this case, rhinestones, glitter, French tips, and an ombre.

💅Nude base: I Do

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16. Ladybug nails 🐞

Ladybug nails are usually pretty cute, but these are different. With such deep shades of red and black glitter, these ladybug nails are moody and beautiful. 

💣Black nail glitter: LBD

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17. Christmas nails 🎄

These Christmas nails take us on a journey, and we’ve 100% been ready for it. 

💅Red polish: I Dream Of Paredise

18. Watermelon nails 

Watermelon season is the best season. Good thing we can make it last all year ‘round. 💅

19. Red box tips

Sure, the dragon is neat — but we’re huge fans of box tips. And they look even better with this milky white and bright red color combo.

🔴Red polish: Can’t Let Gogh

⚪White polish: Milky White

20. Queen of hearts 👑💗

How cute are these playing card nails? We’re definitely trying this look out next. 

21. Red roses 🌹

Flowers on nails will never get old, especially when we’re talking about beautiful red roses.

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22. Simple red side tips

Sometimes less is more. And in this case, less really is more.

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23. More red hearts

We couldn’t not share this stunning set of extra long claws. Absolutely stunning. 

🔴Red polish: Sunburst

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