11 stunning examples of multi-colored nails

multi-colored nails using sheer jelly polish

Why stick with one color when you can have many colors? At Kiara Sky, we’re all about multi-colored nails. In our opinion, the more color, the better.

But what are some of our favorite examples of multi-colored nails? Let’s take a look at 11 right now.

1. Multi-colored bandana nails

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2. Multi-colored nails with camo

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3. Multi-colored tips with clouds

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4. Traditional French tips

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5. Pastel outlines

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6. Textured multi-colored crocodile tips

💅Shop this look: Don’t Pink About It + You Make Me Melt + Green With Envy + Caution + Light Up

7. Multi-colored chrome nails

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8. Pastel ombre nails

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9. Multi-colored Jelly nails

💅Shop this look: Don't Be Jelly + Orange You Sweet + Miss Candied + Poolside + You Glow

10. Rainbow frenchies with cow print

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11. Multi-colored ombre nails

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