21 gorgeous examples of colored french tip nails

pink and purple colored french tip nails

Colored French tip nails are stunning. However, some of our favorite French tip designs aren’t exactly traditional. They’re multi-colored, multi-patterned, and definitely unique.

But what are some of our absolute favorite examples of colored French tip nails? 

Let’s take a look at 21 gorgeous examples now.

1. Multi-colored cow print

2. Pastel vertical gradients

💅Nude Base: Pale Pink 

🔍19 perfectly perfect pastel nails

3. Glitter ombre French tips

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🔍12 of our favorite glitter ombre nails

4. Neon colored French tip nails

💅Out Of Monet + Self Portrait 

🔍16 neon nails that are actually pretty cute

5. Rainbow tips

💅Get the Gelly Tips: Short Almond 

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6. Horizontal ombre

💅Shop our green gel nail polish 

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7. Pastel tie-dye with a chrome outline

💅Silver Lining 

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8. Textured pink French tips

💅Flower Child + 24k 

🔍9 pink and white nail designs you have to see

9. Sheer French tips

💅Miss Candied 

🔍17 of our favorite pink nail polish colors

10. Simple neon tips

💅Light Up  

🔍19 glorious gold nail designs for any occasion

11. Clear heart tips

💅The Simple Life + The Perfect Nude

🔍16 clear nail designs we’re in love with

12. Reptile French tip nails

💅Orange You Sweet + Sunny Daze  

🔍15 cow print nails you gotta see

13. Purple, blue, and gold

💅D’LilacWavy Baby + 24k

🔍11 beautiful blue nail designs

14. Multi-colored tips and outlines

🔍14 super lovely minimalist nail art designs

15. Forest frenchies

💅Pretty Fly + Matcha Latte 

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16. Polka dot tips

💅Main Squeeze 

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17. Funky colored French tip nails

💅Gel Art Collection  

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18. Rainbow tie-dye 

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19. Marble French tips

💅Black To Black 

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20. Purple swirls

💅Razzleberry Smash 

🔍11 pretty perfect light purple nails

21. Light multi-colored French tips

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