21 examples of marble nails that have us swooning

pink marble nail design

Photo by @sandras_nailssss via Instagram

Marble nails are absolutely gorgeous. Throw some white and a few shades of the same color together, and you got yourself a stunning set of marble claws.

Add some glitter or gold chrome into the mix — and we’re done. Obsessed. In love. Mesmerized.

Long story short, marble nails are 100% gorgeous.

To drive this point home, we’ve gathered together 21 of our favorite marble nail designs. Take a look below and prepare to be obsessed, in love, and mesmerized.

1. Milky white + blue marble nails

💅Gimme A Beat + Peachin’ + Milky White 

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2. Pink & green matte nails 

💅Razzleberry Smash + Dynastea

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3. Glitter marble nails

💅Don’t Be Jelly + Sno-Cone + Milky White 

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4. Pink sheer marble

💅Bae-Berry+ + Milky White 

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5. Purple and white

💅Don’t Be Jelly + Milky White 

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6. Multi-patterned 

💅Mauve A Lil’ Closer + Iceberg

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7. Marble side tips

💅Razzleberry Smash 

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8. Gold accents

💅24K Rub On 

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9. Purple and gold marble nails

💅Wanderlust + 24K Rub On   

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10. Ombre marble nails

💅Don’t Be Jelly + Pure White 

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11. Black and grey

💅Black To Black 

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12. Pastel marble nails

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13. Pink, nude, & white

💅Pink Tutu + Cheer Up Buttercup + Pure White 

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14. Rose gold marble nails

💅Rose Gold Rush Glitter 

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15. Extra light marble nails

💅Pale Pink (cover acrylic powder)

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16. French tip marble nails 

💅High Mintenance 

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17. Black and gold

💅Black To Black + Roadtrip + Yours Truly + Pure White 

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18. Abstract marble nails

💅Black To Black + Ice For You + 24K

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19. Pink and grey

💅Smokey Smog + Pink Tutu  

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20. Vivid blue marble nails

💅Chill Pill + Gimme A Beat 

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20. Purple French tip marble nails

💅Royal + Pure White + 24K

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