18 dark nail colors to save for later

dark nail polish

Dark nail colors don’t get nearly as much recognition as they deserve. Dark greens, blues, and browns look absolutely gorgeous — especially when you’re working with a longer canvas. 

However, when it comes to dark nail colors, there are a lot of beautiful shades you can pick from. In other words, don’t settle for a plain black just because you think that’s all there is.

To drive this point home, we’ve laid out 18 of our favorite dark nail colors. Take a look below and don’t forget to save your favorite shade for later.

1. Black Tie 🎀

black tie dark nail polish

💅Black Tie Affair


2. Riyalistic Maroon

dark red nail polish

💅Riyalistic Maroon 

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3. Black to Black 🖤

black to black nail polish

💅Black to Black


4. Treasure The Night 🌑

treasure the night dark brown nail polish

💅Treasure The Night 

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5. Pretty Fly 🛸

dark green nail polish

💅Pretty Fly 


6. Haute Chocolate 🍫

dark chocolate nail polish

💅Haute Chocolate 

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7. Chill Pill 💊

dark blue nail polish

💅Chill Pill 


8. CEO 💼

CEO nail polish


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9. I Dream Of Paredise 🌴

I dream of paredise nail polish

💅I Dream Of Paredise


10. Spellbound ✨

Spellbound nail polish


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11. Midwest 🤠

midwest nail polish



12. Give Me Space 👍

give me space nail polish

💅Give Me Space 

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13. Plane And Simple ✈

plane and simple

💅Plane And Simple 


14. Smokey Smog ☁

dark grey nail polish

💅Smokey Smog 

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15. Midnight In Paris 🌜

Midnight nail polish

💅Midnight In Paris

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16. Echo 💭

Echo nail polish


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17. License To Chill 💤

license to chill nail polish

💅License To Chill 

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18. Let’s Get Sirius 💀

super dark blue nail polish

💅Let’s Get Sirius 

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