11 pretty perfect light purple nails to try out this year

light purple nails

We seriously cannot get enough of light purple nails. Shades of purple like lavender and lilac are downright gorgeous and lead to some absolutely stunning nail designs — especially when you’re dealing with nail art that uses marble, swirls, and flowers.

This being said, if light purple is on your radar for your next set of claws, we don’t blame you. Light purple is always on our radar. 

So if you’re in need of some inspo, we’ve laid out 11 of our favorite examples of purple nails. Take a look below and don’t forget to save your favorite design for later!

1. Light purple marble nails

💅Don’t Be Jelly + Pure White 

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2. Light purple & gold rub-on chrome

💅D’Lilac + 24K 

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3. Light purple with cow print

💅Black To Black + Pure White + D’Lilac

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4. Lavender swirls

💅Roscato + White Canvas + D’Lilac

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5. White flowers

💅Royal + White Canvas + D’Lilac 

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6. Glitter & butterflies

💅Shop multi-textured nail glitter

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7. Purple-white ombre

💅Iris And Shine + Milky White

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8. Textured light purple French tips


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9. Light purple v tips

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10. Care Bear nails

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11. Spongebob nails

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