11 vacation nails that are perfect for your next trip

ombre nail polish

We never go on a vacation without a gorgeous set of vacation nails. From the beach to a fancy restaurant to a downtown dive bar, we want our vacation nails to look good and match the vibe. 

But what are some of our favorite vacation nail designs? Let’s take a look at 11 now.

1. Ocean nails

Headed to the water? These nails capture that vibe 110%.

💅Pure White + Someone Like Blue 

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2. Gold tips

These gold-tipped nails are glamorous and go with any outfit — jeans and a white tee, a bikini, or a little black dress.

💅24K Chrome Powder 

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3. Mermaid nails

Who’s the mermaid? You’re the mermaid. 

💅Gimme A Beat + I See Blue 

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4. Temperature-controlled nail polish

If you’re going to be in and out of the pool or moving in and out of hot places, this nail polish is perfect for you.

💅Kissable Pink 

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5. French ombre with a hint of sparkle

If you have a variety of plans scheduled, you need vacation nails that can effortlessly take you from spot A to spot B — but in style.

💅Milky White 

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6. Clear glitter nails

If you’re going to party, these nails are ready to party with you.

💅Disco Lights + Halo

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7. Tropical ombre

We’re headed to a tropical paradise, and so our these epic vacation nails.


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8. Sipping on lemonade

If you need us, we’ll be sipping on spiked lemonade. 

💅Iceberg + Main Squeeze  

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9. Tropical sunrise

We may not wake up early enough to see the sunset when we’re on vacation. That’s why we put one on our nails.

💅Getting Warmer + Pixie Pink + Milky White 

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10. Marble waves

You don’t always need water and waves to have a great vacation — but it definitely helps.

💅The Real Teal + Chill Pill 

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11. More tropical vibes

We love tropical scenes, and we love them even more when they’re purple and pink.

💅Razzleberry Smash + Wanderlust

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