30 ultra-modern examples of beautiful nails


If you’re looking for beautiful nails, we’ve got you covered. 

We’ve gone through social media and laid out 30 different examples of beautiful nails that showcase unique and modern nail art.

Take a look below and don’t forget to save your favorite set of beautiful nails for later!

1. Pink and white side tips

💅Pixie Pink + Pink Tutu + Pure White 

🔍9 of our favorite pink and white nail designs

2. 3d flowers and bling

💅Bare Velvet + Dress To Impress + Pink Panther + Pink Tiara 

🔍15 beautiful flower nail designs

3. Pastel gradients and gold chrome


4. White on clear

💅Re-Nude + Pure White 

🔍16 stunning clear nail designs

5. Pink abstract nails

💅I Do + Don’t Pink About It + Hypnosis + Silver Lining 

🔍17 of our favorite pink nail polish colors

6. Rainbow glitter tips

💅Lemoncake + Pearfect + Periwinkle + Be-U-Tiful + I Lava You 

🔍20 rainbow nails to put on repeat

7. Green and gold marble nails

💅Call It Cliche + 24k  

🔍21 great examples of marble nails

8. Barely there tips

💅Lunar Or Later + Wavy Baby  

🔍17 beautiful nude nail polish colors

9. Glitter ombre nails

💅Mermaid Tale 

🔍12 of the most perfect glitter ombre nails

10. Multi-sized white rhinestones

💅Moonstone Rhinestones 

🔍8 rhinestone nail designs we really love

11. Rhinestones down the middle

💅Ocean Eyes + Pink Paradise + I Do

🔍9 crazy cute coffin nails with rhinestones

12. Polka dot rhinestones

💅Pure White  + Etiquette FirstMoonstone Rhinestones

🔍Learn how to apply rhinestones to nails

13. Gold tips


🔍19 glorious gold nail designs

14. White v tips

💅Bare With Me + Pure White 

🔍17 nude nail polish colors you’re guaranteed to love

15. White winter nails

💅Pure White 

🔍22 glamorous white nail designs

16. Full body silhouettes 

💅Tan Lines + Black Tie Affair 

🔍9 photos that prove brown nails aren’t boring

17. Sheer winter snowflakes

💅PoolsidePure White

🔍16 super cute clear nail designs

18. Gold chrome and matte green

💅24k  + Call It Cliche

🔍7 green nail polish colors you have to try

19. Pastel and gold marble nails

🔍21 amazing examples of marble nails

20. 50/50 French tips

🔍14 minimalist nail art designs

21. Box tips

💅Pink Dahlia + High Mintenance

🔍12 green nail designs you’re gonna love

22. White flower tips

💅Bare With Me + Pure White  

23. French tip outlines

💅Boba Time

🔍11 nude nail designs we love

24. Matte swirls


25. Black and white abstract nails

💅Negative Space + White Canvas 

27. Nude pastels

🔍13 pastel nail colors to add to your collection

28. Lilac French tips


🔍11 pretty perfect light purple nails

29. Black and gold marble nails

💅Black To Black + Roadtrip + Yours Truly + Pure White + 24k 

30. Sheer spiderwebs

💅Black Tie